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Project:      Meetings with Languages     


Coordinating Organisation:

945507210 Asociatia Millenium Center


Partner Organisations – SENDING ORGANISATION:


949091166 Associazione InterculturaleNUR - Italy



947872070 VIA e.V. - Verein für internationalen und interkulturellen Austausch Germany


949176429 Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale Italy

948208272 Fundació Catalunya Voluntària Spain Foundation


Total number of partner organisations: 7


The project’s partners role– sending organisations from: Turkey, Italy, Spain and Germany:

Digital Future from Italy, as organization specializes in the use of new technologies, building web sites and online platforms, the activity of dissemination. As MWL will use virtual classroom for learning dimension and will use ICT for dissemination purposes, Digital Future will train their volunteers to be prepared particularly to perform the specialities of their sending organization during the project on extra good level. Very long accreditation period of Digital Future, will provide successful cooperation until the end of the project and we are sure, we will go beyond it by creating new projects together including hosting ones, as Digital Future already expressed a wish for. 
NUR from Italy, will contribute to the project with recruitment and sending fewer opportunities volunteers from isolated and rural areas of their country, creating opportunities for them opportunities for peer learning from other volunteers.

Mundus from Spain is mainly working sending and coordinating EVS and spreading the word about Erasmus+ and its brightness through websites and blogs which they administrate
In addition Mundus has introduced a new process to prepare the volunteers by pushing them to become the main character of the experience while being volunteer. They ensure that EVS volunteers are fully motivated and ready to learn and share the experience. A big part of being EVS volunteer is to spread the word about the project and activities among the community being capital for Mundus in the dissemination of project results.

Catalunya Voluntaria at local and regional level, FCV acts as an information desk for volunteering and training opportunities, with special focus in supporting young people with fewer opportunities and organizes workshops on topics like volunteering, non-formal learning, conflict transformation, leadership, etc. Connecting that with the fact of FCV being experienced in European Voluntary Service as SO, HO, and CO and since 2007, FCV had sent young people, who had made their EVS throughout Europe and outside it, we can be sure that recruitment and pre-departure training for volunteers will be solid preparation for their EVS stages.

In case of VIA eV from Germany, MC can count on the fact of 100% professionalism of German partner in EVS field. They will organize a pre-departure training for all our volunteers. Subjects of this preparatory training will be organisational matter as insurance, right, rules, structures and duties of the EVS – how the programme is working and who is responsible for what. 
Besides these points there will be some time where the volunteers can reflect, find out their motivation, think about difficult situations and how to solve problems – type of conflict training. 
During the service, the VIA eV stays in regular contact and exchanges information. The volunteer is able to contact them at any point for support, advice and whatever he needs.
VIA eV will ask the volunteer to exchange with his friends, family and the local community. Furthermore the volunteer will have the possibility to write articles in the youthreporter project, the local newspaper in the hosting country and home country and maybe participating in further actions of the programme. VIA offers the returned volunteers to help the organisation to prepare future EVS volunteers and take part in the seminars to support the trainers. An internship can also be offered. This impressive amount of support from German partner to MWL has been offered already at the stage of preparation to MWL!


Hacettepe University EU Office has been participating in EVS since the year 2004. The office was accreditated by TR NA with the EI number of 2007-TR-18 in 2007 as a sending and a coordinating organization. Each year around 65 volunteers are sent and 16 project is coordinated. EU Office is very well experienced in supporting and informing both outgoing and incoming volunteers and managing and coordinating the EVS project.