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Meetings with Languages 



16 EVS volunteers organized during 5 months language courses with elements on non-formal education at the end becoming non-formal teacher of languages.


The idea: The complex project had in aim to fight youth unemployment by developing necessary competences during EVS stage for the volunteers to become competitive at job market.

The EVS project had 3 stages of total lenght of 5 months:

Stage A: 4 volunteers from 01-11-2015 to 31-03-2016

Stage B: 6 volunteers from 01-04-2016 to 31-08-2016

Stage C: 6 volunteers from 01-10-2016 to 28-02-2017


Meetings with Languages conducted in the period 2015-2017 is a follow-up to the Meetings with History project from 2013-2014, which had as a successful component the Meetings with Languages event - the idea and the name of the present project.


Identifying 3 target groups: children (0-18 years old), young/adults (18-50) and elderly (50+) with a strong need to learn foreign languages and culture, we created the framework for 16 EVS mobilities, for EVS volunteers to teach their own language and culture for Arad people through language workshops.

EVS volunteers have acquired the skills needed to manage their activities following a one-month, complex training course – trough the model "pay it forward" MWL training course: EVS volunteers first acquired a set of competencies for a range of non-formal methods And informal, then used them in organizing courses and events for the general public tailored to the target group.


Through MWL, through these foreign languages, the process of intercultural exchange and bilateral collaboration between Romania and the following countries participating in this project was facilitated: Italy, Germany, Spain and Turkey.


For EVS Volunteers, MC's objectives were to provide better chances in the labor market as well as the transfer of skills needed to become non-formal language teachers, become non-formal of foreign / mother tongue trainers and for members of the target group to became multipliers of non-formal methods, successfully realized.


The realized MWL objectives are:

-the regular organization of language workshops for a total of 60 people from the local community during the 5 months of the internship - totaling 636 subscribed and 532 participants in Spanish, Italian, Turkish and German, plus an additional 15 participants at English lesson unplanned in the project but realized as a need of the target group identified - a total of 547 participants attended MWL language workshops as it follows:

Spanish = 155 participants

Italian = 179 participants

Turkish = 135 participants

German = 63 participants


As stage division:

Stage A = 4 EVS, 151 participants at workshops

Stage B = 6 EVS, 98 participants

Stage C = 6 EVS, 283 participants


-developing basic skills in a foreign language of members of the local community during the 5 months of internship - done in several foreign languages for those who attended several courses


-the development of basic skills in a foreign language of EVS volunteers during the 5 months of the internship - in several languages - at least Romanian, English and other foreign languages of EVS colleagues


-the intercultural exchange of values between EVS volunteers and the 60 members of the local community through intercultural evenings organized during the 5 months of stage - a total of 7 events realized with 164 in stage A, 126 in stage B and 103 in stage C so a total of 393 participants at intercultural evenings of MWL instead of 180


-creating, updating and publishing the main outcome of the project: an e-book on good practice that will reach 500 people during and after the EVS project - over 300 physical delivered as booklet and more than 500 people in Online format


-improving the visibility of the Erasmus + project, through close collaboration between EVS volunteers, Romanian volunteers and the local community, and also by promoting project materials and strategies


-creation of a language club within the coordinating organization by EVS volunteers during the 5 months of internship. - Creating the club with over 50 members with activity both online and physically and maintaining it even after stage


The project results are contained in the eBook of the project "Meetings with languages" – launched in 3 steps, in the end of each stage, initially with 25 participants attending at final event and realized objective of 88 participants at all 3 final events.


As available on the project site:


for which he has received more than 1000 views

and on the project socialization site:

https: / //www.facebook.com/MWLARAD/

 appreciated by over 600 people.


The project has created a major impact among beneficiaries and learners, which leads to the desire, requests and need to do other similar projects to learn a foreign language as a means of being competitive on the labor market.


Also, the impact is visible among all participating EVS volunteers through their acquired experience and achievements after the end of the internship.



Meetings with languages - Grant Agreement Number 2015-1-RO01-KA105-013813


Project Start Date 01/09/2015

Project End Date 30/04/2017

Project Total Duration 20 months

Coordinating&Receiving Organisation: Asociatia Millenium Center Arad


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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