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Proiect:      Healthy lifestyle - STIL DE VIATA SANATOS     







Workshops presentation:

The themes of the seminars:

  1. Healthy education
  2. Healthy food
  3. Healthy thinking
  4. Healthy body
  5. Healthy exercises
  6. Healthy cooking
  7. Healthy nutrients
  8. Healthy treatment
  9. Healthy aging
  10. Healthy day


The seminars will be two times a week, On Wednesdays and Fridays, and the theme will be repeated during the same week in order to give the possibility of taking part to people willing and motivated, but who cannot participate (either on Wednesdays/Fridays) because of busy schedule, because firstly, they are the target of the project, so that they can reorganize activities integrating health.

The seminars are:

1. Healthy education – in this seminar will be a debate regarding the role and importance of health in our lives, there will be a health level evaluation with the help of a questionnaire, education regarding risk factors of an erratic/improper lifestyle, there will be the construction of the first building block in nutrition.

2. Healthy food – will be a seminar in which fruits, vegetables and products are mentioned, foods and their benefits on nutrition debate.

3. Healthy thinking – will make participants be aware of the mind and body balance importance.

4. Healthy body – there will be an identification and discussion of metabolic types, the daily amount of calories based on the person and methods of keeping the body healthy.

5. Healthy exercises – the seminar will be based on the planning of a series of sport activities, of simple and effective movements that can be done daily, for at least half an hour; and there will be set an exercise plan based on days in order to treat or to prevent health problems. The exercises need to be integrated in the daily activities of the participants and in the website visitors lives also.

6.Healthy cooking: - will include recipe exchange that the participants usually prepare, quick and tasty recipes, there will be three types of food cooking for every part of the day, healthy drinks and snacks, ’’how to prepare food’’  guides and recipes in which certain foods can be substituted to obtain a lower caloric content.

7. Healthy nutrients: - will identify vitamins, minerals – which are, in which foods they are in and their use.

8. Healthy treatment: the participants will debate and find (in groups) as many ways possible of stress fighting, fighting depression, acne, allergy, and also remedies of prevention and treatment of more severe conditions (health problems).

9. Healthy aging: there will be an identification of food supplements, anti aging supplements and solutions of maintaining youth.

10. Healthy day: daily food journal, nutrients and exercises, posting one fruit, a vegetable, a recipe for every part of the day and the type of exercise routine , daily on the website, in order to ease the participants’ change of their lifestyle.

Healthy & Happy lifestyle – is The Closing Event of the seminars, represents the marking of achievements from the project, result dissemination and presentation of the impact over the participants (beneficiaries) and the volunteers.


The seminars involve experiential learning methods, non-formal, which have benefits such as energizing, raise self-awareness of participants and of people conducting the seminars, team spirit, personal development, decision making process, mission accomplishment, taking responsibilities, objective achievement, introduction, meeting, team creation, communication, cooperation, activity simulation, relaxation, creativity stimulation and imagination stimulation, intercultural knowledge, practical abilities development, eliminating barriers between participants, creates connections between group members and leaders and enlarge the comfort zone between the participants.


At the opening event each volunteer will have to do a personal introduction, each will present his/her country and the differences that they have found between culture of origin and Romanian culture, the general stereotypes that are said and believed about cultures and after each will need to present the volunteering service itself.

So, the purpose of the opening event and the session’s presentation also is the awareness of the participants. They need to get accurate information directly from the volunteers/members of different cultures on the themes of each session but also through social gatherings that they may have in their spare time. The ranks that follow will present project activities exclusively culturally.

 "Healthy education" - the volunteers will present this theme using the correlation with his country of origin. He needs to inform the participants regarding the importance and the health role at the state level and at the population level, he needs to bring existing studies on the health of the population, etc., being able to see health problem in terms of foreign countries for a greater impact.

Session "Healthy food" will include information regarding the import and the export of vegetables and fruits. Volunteers need to talk about the veggies and fruits consume correlation (Romania and their country - products with the highest rate of consumption in Romania, comparing with the level of consumption in their country)

"Healthy thinking" – this seminar needs to bring to the participants information on the cultures that put an emphasis on intellectual and physical development, the presence or absence of this practice in Romania and in the  countries from where the volunteers are coming and also the participants need to be informed regarding the benefits of this habits.

"Healthy body" – this seminar needs to give out information regarding eating habits of each culture (volunteer’s culture), metabolism and the main body activities for  health maintenance.

"Healthy exercises" – this seminar will bring to the public how different cultures have created and developed whole discipline with different purpose to serve the body health maintenance (martial arts, meditation, etc.)

"Healthy Cooking"  - this seminar will bring healthy recipes from the volunteers culture. (healthy dishes)

"Healthy nutrients" – this seminar will identify the vitamins and minerals (nutrients) present in fruits, vegetables and not only and also the volunteers will make reference to some of this fruits, veggies, regarding the certain cultural traits and their due. (how is used a certain product that is full in nutrients)

            "Healthy treatment" – in this seminar the volunteers need to present the intercultural known remedies (specific remedies of each culture) that prevent/fight against stress, depression, treatment of acne and allergies.

             "Healthy Aging" – this seminar will include studies on the average age in each country, backgrounds and custom cases due to these cultures that help to achieve a more younger age.

            "Healthy day" - during this last seminar the volunteers will need to present the daily schedule of people from their own countries, daily schedule that help them to maintain a health lifestyle.

At the end of all the seminars the volunteers will have the closing event “Healthy & Happy Lifestyle”. This event will include the importance of intercultural awareness (socialisation time, question time).




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